Customer Service Tool – Skycap CS

Customer Service Tool – Skycap CS

Small yet powerful, Skycap CS is a multi-location customer service solution that can be tailored to provide custom search and annotation capabilities.

Across the room or across the globe, your service agents will be empowered with responsive, rich, easy-to use data retrieval and customer service features that aren’t cluttered by frivolous and confusing extras.

Features At a Glance

  • Access restricted to only registered IP addresses
  • Connects to a remote ContactPilot Hub database for easy data sharing at multiple locations
  • Allows for multiple connections for a one-to-many relationship between Customer Service agencies, merchant service providers and merchants using the Hub 2 platform
  • User-friendly search functions that provide limitless query combinations
  • Selection of multiple query results
  • Quick-reference view of pertinent contact information
  • Built-in voice contract player for recordings stored on ContactPilot servers
  • Complete or restricted record history view
  • Easy annotation tools
  • Record actions built-in for merchant services* such as transaction cancellation and refunds
  • Allows user to select whether or not a lookup is for a billable call

System Requirements

Powered by Adobe® Flex™ and deployed via the Adobe® AIR™runtime, Skycap delivers the usability of rich internet applications, but with the power and tools found in a desktop applicaiton.


  • Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows™ (2000, XP, Vista), Apple® OSX™ (Tiger, Jaguar), Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE)
  • Players: Adobe® Flash™Player 10
  • Runtimes: Adobe® AIR™runtime


* May be tailored for other industries or needs. Please consult ContactPilot Support for more.