Payment Gateway Solution – Hub 2

Payment Gateway Solution – Hub 2

Need a payment gateway? Securely and easily process credit cards, ACH and check draft transactions.

Manage your merchants and their transaction activity. Control the flow from sale, to quality auditing, and payment on to any number of banks or processors. Create an endless number of fee schedules and settlement schedules, and apply them as needed. Issue commission reports to your ISOs. And do it all without investing in custom software.

For Merchant Service Providers

As a payment processing tool, Hub 2 gives merchant service providers complete control over their customer set-up, fee scheduling, settlement scheduling, and reporting. It provides them with an intuitive interface to manage merchant deposits and credit card authorization requests, and to follow the complete history and details of those requests from the moment they are submitted to the time they are settled. 

For Merchants

For merchants, Hub delivers ease-of-use like no other system does. Users are free to batch-deposit check-drafts payments, or simply copy-and-paste their spreadsheet data to the Hub 2 Salesheet, where it is immediately run through validation. The Hub 2 API is provided to merchants for online credit card payments, and — when a MOTO account is provided by their  processors — Hub 2 includes an easy-to-use virtual terminal. Once a settlement report is issued by the processor, it immediately becomes available to the merchant via the Hub 2 interface.

Features At a Glance

  • Access restricted to only registered IP addresses
  • Connects to a remote ContactPilot Hub database for easy data sharing at multiple locations
  • Provides client and settlement management tools
  • Supports multiple export and import formats, API connections, and multiple banks
  • User-friendly search functions 
  • Manual override of transaction status available
  • Complete view of transaction details and access history
  • Built-in voice contract player for recordings stored on ContactPilot servers
  • Manual payment cancellation and refunds
  • Batch upload of check transactions, copy-and-paste transaction salesheet, credit card API, and Virtual Terminal (where applicable)
  • SFTP connection to and from banks (customized upon request)
  • Result files imported from bank auto-update transaction status

System Requirements

Powered by Adobe® Flex™ and deployed via the Adobe® AIR™runtime, Skycap delivers the usability of rich internet applications, but with the power and tools found in a desktop applicaiton.


  • Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows™ (2000, XP, Vista), Apple® OSX™ (Tiger, Jaguar), Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE)
  • Players: Adobe® Flash™Player 10
  • Runtimes: Adobe® AIR™runtime


* May be tailored for other industries or needs. Please consult ContactPilot Support for more.