Voice Auditing – Checkpoint QC

Voice Auditing – Checkpoint QC

Voice contract auditing tools that fill the quality assurance gap between telesales centers and their merchant service providers.

Checkpoint QC is a robust voice contract auditing tool for call centers, telesales centers, and merchant service providers that can be easily and quickly deployed across multiple locations.

For Auditing Administrators

With Checkpoint QC, auditing administrators can very quickly add or modify merchants and sales programs, as well as edit and attach actual contract script text. From there, the Checkpoint QC Script editor provides drag-and-drop inclusion of transaction data fields — thus allowing Checkpoint to “fill in the blanks” with actual record data when viewed in a live auditing session.

To ensure that agents are diligent in their work, administrators may implement required form questions related to the agreements in audit.  The agents’ responses to these questions may be reviewed alongside the data provided by the merchant, thus exposing any inconsistencies. 

For Auditing Agents

Once logged-in to the system, Auditing Agents are “fed” recordings from the ContactPilot server, along with transaction data and populated scripts. With these tools at hand, the agents are free to click on areas within the script in order to tag problem spots in the recording, and to disposition the agreement as having passed or failed the audit. Alternately, should the agent require a second opinion, he or she may choose to forward the record to a designated Auditing Supervisor for further review.



  • Access restricted to only registered IP addresses
  • Connects to a remote ContactPilot Hub database for easy data sharing at multiple locations
  • Allows for multiple connections for a one-to-many relationship between Quality Control centers, merchant service providers and telesales centers
  • User-friendly administrative and management tools provide the freedom to self-manage sales program auditing
  • Verbal script attachments make training a breeze, and provide even seasoned agents a boost when auditing new programs
  • Hassle-free session management: agents are fed records according to the preferences of the Administrator
  • Voice contract player for recordings stored on ContactPilot servers
  • Quick-reference view of pertinent record data
  • Easy sharing of problem records between Agents and Supervisors
  • Click-and-tag session scripts for easy annotation
  • Script tags marked by references to problem paragraph, instance, and field for future reporting
  • Optional required form fields ensure that agents stay diligent in their work

System Requirements

Powered by Adobe® Flex™ and deployed via the Adobe® AIR™ runtime, Checkpoint QC delivers the usability of rich internet applications, but with the power and tools found in a desktop application.

  • Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows™ (2000, XP, Vista), Apple® OSX™(Tiger, Jaguar), Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE)
  • Players: Adobe® Flash™Player 10
  • Runtimes: Adobe® AIR™runtime

* May be tailored for other industries or needs. Please consult ContactPilot Support for more.